Light Orbs


The first navigational “checkpoint” in this hike was this telephone cable path.  While I was happy that it was where the maps suggested it to be, I was not happy to see large piles of moose and elk dung, suggesting that larger and possibly horny animals were using this trans-state path as a highway.

Among my photographs of these sites are many instances of “light orbs”, all of which I have circled above.  Upon close examination, these orbs appear to be built of a cellular structure, often with visible “nucleus” and feelers on their outside.

There are many theories, professed by well qualified PHDs from the most prestigious schools, as to what these light orbs are.  I frequently see them in pictures from the depths of ancient stone structures and also in pictures of more common New England “Balancing Boulders”, which are massive boulders balanced on smaller stones.  I have also seen these orbs above pictures of Native American protestors, and above my head on a dry evening in Boston after a dig, which leads me to doubt the counterargument that these are just “flashbulb reflection against the rain”.  Just across this Elk superhighway, I found another feature which produced many interesting orbs in the photographs I took of it.  That feature is explored in the next blog post.

You can see light orbs from other amateur archeologist’s photographs below:



This is the famous balanced rock of North Salem New York.  Notice the massive light orb, which is impossible to miss.  A theory for these structures purpose is that by putting immense pressure on stone, but espcially quartz, an electromagnetic discharge is created which induces plant growth in seeds placed near these structures

The orbs themselves, it is surmised by sources I trust in, (many PHDs from the most prestigious schools, if those things matter to you), are generated from plants and trees themselves.

Plant and tree growth near these stone structures is regularly bizarre, with trees leaning towards the stone structures and plants growing in strange ways, for instance, trees growing on top of the rocks themselves without growing on earth near the rock.  These peculiar fauna features I will explore in totality in a later post…because this post is about light orbs.

Here are some orbs from a balancing boulder I found on Megalith Mountain:

The boulder from afar is below.  Notice it is “balanced” over a bed of smaller stones (usually huge quartz rocks), and that a tree has curiously fallen onto it, with another tree choosing to have grown quite healthily with a good deal of its root system likely embedded beneath it.  Many of these huge boulders seem to be a magnet for tree growth.


The photograph I took of the little cavern under the boulder contains the brilliant orbs:


They seem to be spraying out from where the boulder hits the forest floor beneath in an hour glass shape.  Zoom in on these and you will see what I meant about these orbs resembling cells.

On my first attempt at hiking this mountain, I got lost and popped out of the woods onto a dirt road.  The scene was starkly beautiful so I snapped a picture, and was rewarded with the most brilliant orbs I have seen to date:


The brightest one looks like the Death Star when zoomed in.

Scattered throughout New England and upstate New York are “megalithic chambers” constructed of massive stone lentil with no masonry.  They align with astrological events, and pictures taken with these often contain these mysterious orbs.  Below is a picture of a massive chamber in Vermont, and beneath is a picture of orbs taken in a chamber:


Taken from Graham Hancock’s Blog



Orbs above the Standing Rock protest:


These orbs seem to like to hang out at ancient North American sacred sites.  Must be a coincidence.













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