Putting it all Together

This is the most comprehensive video presentation I have made, covering numerous megalithic structures and their shared traits with smaller, more widely accepted to be Native structures.

I draw from John Burke’s “Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty”, and Mavor & Dix’s “Manitou”.

The megaliths I have found compliment the existing body of New England megalithic research nicely.

I plan to spend a great deal of time in the field this summer adding to this body of knowledge.

The Woods in Concord, MA

There are large swaths of forest covering Concord and Lexington MA which appears managed by the state.  The area is marketed as notable for Revolutionary War battles, but I believe the forests show evidence of Native American burials and Mound-Builder stone structures.

There is a small but interesting wall which runs over a small (15ft tall) cliff and then zigs into the forest, near a network of larger and longer walls.



Below is a standing slice of granite seemingly wedged into the side of the cliff as if to mark an important location:





This wall is viewable from a nearby highway.  The ground in the foreground is bumpy in a manner which reflects what I have seen in other publications identifying burial mounds.





Does this wall end in a burial mound?  Could these be serpent effigies and not walls?  They don’t seem as if they would contain anything as a wall would.


This is a common wall style in Massachusetts.  The wall is uniform in thickness, and manageable sized round boulders are used throughout.  I can’t imagine it would be a simple feat to balance even 10 feet of these stones.DSC00032


More hints at burials:



The walls here travel for what must be miles, forming grids in the forest.


Imagine spending a few days building this up a steep hill.  Each stone must weigh over 100 pounds.


A stone that looks like it was shaped, near the wall.


The top of the hill is grassy and is fenced in by intersecting walls.



I frequently find vortex shaped or other strangely shaped trees on top of key features in megalithic areas:





Here you can see the golf course like landscape which suggests the presence of a large network of burial mounds.DSC00083DSC00082


Are these astrologically aligned mounds?DSC00081


The wall travels miles through the forest, often intersecting others at right angles.


The wall snaking to the top of the hill


Parts of the wall suggest an element of megalithic style


There are multiple “gateways” in this wall network…but what do they lead to?



I have seen the base boulder below some where else, hopefully I will find the photograph in my collection.




This area resembles the massive earthworks in Ohio that would fill like a moat during heavy rains: