Irrigation Systems: Wells, Bridges, and Waterfalls

A well built rectangular irrigation system runs under a well lined bridge, guiding the water into a pond featuring a megalithic boulder and triangle pointer.  The stream then meanders to the road.  Across the road is a turtle effigy featuring a globe of quartz the size of a beach ball.



Here is the turtle effigy and quartz globe:



A long stretch of a small stream outside of Boston near a mountain top








Exploring the aesthetic sensibilities of the megalith builders within the confines of language (TBC)

The rock formations in New Hampshire are confusingly ambiguous in aesthetic sensibility, with not a single formation being 100% convincable to every viewer in having an origin in intelligent design.

This makes elucidating my beliefs in their motiffs somewhat like attempting to walk on water, as there is no agreed upon foundation of the origin of the structures.

I do not claim to know what the structures are built for, or what their designs mean.  I offer little more than interpretations on patterns I have noticed across the number of structures I have seen for myself… I offer theories, not proofs.

By simple fact of finding and seeing these structures and photographing them I am in the position to be in the lead in terms of new discoveries and pattern recognition within them so I do my best to produce a body of work which should stand to critical reason of all who have an interest in this subject.  I produce this work in order for it to be a stepping stone for future generations.

One begins to notice motiffs and patterns after many hours or a few minutes of viewing the structures, and even then one can never 100% be convinced that what he has seen is evidence of a lost civilization unimaginable to his conciousness, which is only illuminated through establishment institutions tainted with their own self interest and party lines.  It is impossible for an individual to get an unbiased view of these structures given the reality of being human.

The act of looking at megalithic structures and illuminating patterns within is a revolutionary act on an intellectual, spiritual, historical, and counter power structure context.  This is a quiet discipline with few deciphels and is a difficult puzzle to quit once one has discovered it and it has massive consequences should more people grow aware of it.

The rock structures range in size from a few fist sized rocks on a boulder to 250,000 pound ovals topping mountain peaks as central features in wall networks.  While I do posit that these megaliths were carved, I will not say that they I know that they were carved.  I can only prove to exist what I can find, and I cannot prove that these structures were made by any particular method.

I haven’t the faintest clue as to how these rock structures were made, I can only discover more patterns in their construction in order to show evidence of intelligent design as opposed to the erratic force of a glacier.



Bedrock Granite Bubbles and Uplift

The top boulder layer is the bedrock up which the hopping wall jumps.


The hopping walls face is outlined in yellow below, and the arrow points to the rectangle quarry.


Symmetrical granite uplift…Does granite fracture cleanly like this?  How?  What geologic force caused this?  Certainly not glaciers.IMG_4163.jpg

Another similar but larger jumbled pile of massive boulders showing slicing:






Below is the largest bubble of granite I’ve seen.  It is about 300 feet from side to side and not fully explored.  In the center is a bizarre “centerpiece”



Here is the centerpiece.  It is smooth against the rest of the rock and appears to have sprouted a Tree.  Two smoothed boulders appear wedged in the center.